Date added: 09/17/2023 We've added a newsletter, for the first time...

It has never existed, because back several years ago, generally people seemed to detest newsletters from businesses, and often considered them spam. But as we do not utilize social media as a primary way to inform customers of updates or changes, the top of this site is often the only place to see such information. As always, we will never send unsolicited mail, and newsletters will be infrequent. The sign up option can be found in new customer registration, your existing account details, or checkout.

Date added: 09/17/2023 * Lip Lustres are being discontinued...*

After 16 years, we have decided to cut production of our Lustres. Unfortunately, as popular as they were in previous years, they seldom move anymore. On top of that, the cost of producing these has increased significantly over the years so it's not worth it to maintain the dedicated space and time. Starting Monday 9/18, they will be restocked and marked down until our existing stock is sold out. 

Each shade is now limited to one per person due to the limited remaining stock.