Date added: 05/20/2022 10ml bottles are out of stock! (more)

They will be available again in about 7-10 days. Please do not purchase 10ml bottles at this time, or your order will be cancelled and refunded.

Date added: 05/20/2022 Another perfume stock update...(please read)

   This month we have had very high sales of nearly all perfumes. Far more than usual, and in itself that's not a bad thing, but unfortunately our production
cannot keep up with the demand. While the company production studio & lab is the floor of a commercial building, it's not a factory. The other thing is we do
not produce perfume by pouring ingredients in a bottle, labeling it, and shipping. These are "small-batch" in large master bottles and allowed to sit for weeks
to ensure the final product turns out as intended (and since most of our perfumes are high in ingredients of varying density and miscibility, to check for
possible separation or other undesirable occurrences before product finalisation). So when one runs quickly out of stock, unless we currently have
replacement product run ready or nearly ready to bottle & ship, it is likely to be unavailable for several days to weeks. Sometimes the stock count is
just off, as it does not differentiate between sizes in our cart system, and we'll correct the numbers after checking what we have here. We are devoting
more time to perfume restocking in the past couple weeks, however.

   In addition to that, with unexpected sudden high demand, we have run short or out of some ingredients and bottles, and had to wait for shipments to arrive.
Our 10ml bottles are nearly depleted (we strongly recommend sample sizes first, which are in easy-to-open small roll on bottles), and the next case won't
arrive for about 7-10 days. Due to thousands of sign-ups for in-stock notifications, we have had to disable those on many products, as within a few minutes
some perfumes would sell out again and this is understandably frustrating for many people. If you have any questions about the products, please feel free to
email us prior to purchasing. As always, our current time frame is listed on the main page of this site, just below the product picture.

T.   (who sometimes rambles on about cosmetic & perfume production and ingredients on Reddit under the username Ffaunn)

Date added: 05/12/2022 Perfume restock notice... (Updated 5/18)

Since 5/7, we have had numerous purchases of perfume in both oil and alcohol format, far more than usual. As a result, we have run short of finished products and will have to leave several fragrances marked Out Of Stock for a while. Our perfumes are blended and tested for three weeks minimum before they are considered ready for sale, so there will be several more days until some are available again. Convergence Zone, 900 Millibars, and Mesocyclone, among others, may not be available in either form for another week or two. We'll be working on this as quickly as possible, but as always current orders take priority over additional production.

5/12, 2pm: We are nearly out of the sample bottles, and once depleted until the new shipment arrives from the manufacturer overseas, other size perfumes will not be sold because every order comes with a free sample. Our perfumes are not limited edition. Except for occasional discontinuations and ingredient limitations, if it is marked out of stock, the product will most likely be back at a later date. 

5/18: As we have been trying to prepare new cosmetics for release this month, many perfumes will not be produced & restocked frequently until June. Thousands of people signed up for automatic notifications for many of our fragrances, and they sell out very fast. It is also necessary for us to keep the processing queue time reasonable so no one is waiting more than a few days for their order to ship. 

Please double-check your email for typos before creating an account or signing up for stock notifications! We receive many bounced notifications to invalid addresses or disabled boxes.