Date added: 04/12/2024 * Check back 4/13 for a weekend sale... *

Details will be by the current time frame. Discounted items include several perfumes which have been low bottle sellers in the past few months, along with various cosmetics.

Date added: 03/17/2024 About our lychee and mango perfumes...

   We have had several emails in the past several months mentioning "the mango in X perfume" versus "the mango in Z perfume", but unlike some accords we create, the mango and lychee accords are the same in all fragrances containing these fruit notes (for example as opposed to Conchas and Barmbrack not sharing the same "bread" accords. Some ingredients are shared in both of their bread notes, but each is varied greatly). The vast differences are due to the other ingredients. People often say Under The Moonrise and Scarlet Revelry are sharp or green but what you're smelling to cause much of that aspect in both is very strong Champaca Orange (Michelia Champaca; the essential oil is almost overpowering on its own). The fruits are dominant, but the floral oil there is what makes these two seem very different and bolder than the same fruit accords in No Conformista or White Dragon. 


Date added: 10/26/2023 We never take days off, not even holidays. All orders are packed and shipped on schedule as always...

The company owner works in the studio every day of the year, no exceptions. Employees have very flexible schedules, but he is always there.

Date added: 06/22/2023 The green cellophane your order is wrapped in is biodegradable & compostable.

It's actual cellophane, not polypropylene "cello", which we do also use (iridescent wrap) on occasion. If your order is wrapped with fine crepe paper, that is recyclable and made from recycled materials, and so are the corrugated wrap, mailing boxes, and paper shreds we use. The padded mailers are recyclable, but many facilities do not take soft plastics anymore.

Date added: 02/23/2023 What happened to Pixie Epoxy?! Where did it go?...

Nowhere. It's always listed in the Sparkle & High Shimmer eye shadows category in the drop-down menu, along with a few other shadow categories. Please read the full product information before buying for the first time, as it is not a primer nor designed for shades without sparkle. Some of our shades may turn into a gooey or muddy mess over Pixie Epoxy, or lose their finish. All of our eyeshadows work best over regular primer, but this product keeps sparkle in place and can safely be used anywhere on skin (great for costume and glittery body art use).