Pressed: Exquisites: Nocturne Eyeshadow

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Striking lime green shimmer turns Kelly, turquoise, indigo, then violet on a semi-sheer smoky base tint.  Does not contain any dyes.The shimmer appears more sparkly in the pictures than it is. Swatches (top) applied over regular primer; Pixie Epoxy not needed. Product pictures taken under indoor "daylight" lighting at various angles, swatches taken in indirect natural light. Hover over or click on images to enlarge. Also available loose. New 12/13/2023.

 Initial color noted above is when the product is viewed straight on, in this case lime green. As it is angled toward light, brought toward a lamp, or on the curve of eyelids, the colors dramatically change. It will not be easy to see all the variations while wearing. People with limited color vision will not be able to see all the shade variations.

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