Perfume List

Perfumes current as of 12/26/2017

  • Winter 2017
Sparks On Snow
Beneath the snow-covered evergreen boughs, a handsome, warm perfume is carried through the contrasting winter air. Intrigued, you must find out who she is.
Just in from the cold, he piles the split pine at the hearth, then sits next to you in front of the fire. A mellow sweetness, including a slight air of chocolate and citrus, keeps this from being sharp or very smoky.
Who would have thought a decadent men's fragrance would pair well with the aroma of white cake in the oven, but you've caught yourself staring across the kitchen at the person baking, their perfume's pepper, amber, cedar, and sandalwood notes blend beautifully with the creamy vanilla cake batter, rich frosting, and oven's warmth on a cold day.
Enchanted Desert Snow
 A high desert with rocky cliffs, sandy basins, and a scattering of brushy pines. A powdery snow coats the landscape, creating a striking scene allowing one to imagine rich scents both warm and cold.
Fresh wet snow, comfortably cold. That's it on our side, let your imagination run with it. 
Woodland Winter
The season's first snow, slowly coating the fir and spruce branches. Not sweet, not too sharp.
Steam and Fog
 Honeybush and Assam teas, sipped on a walk through a cold Pacific Northwest coastal forest.

  • Oh For Cats' Sake!
Siberian Forest Cat
 Siberian Fir is the star of this forest blend, followed by spruce needles, then a touch of bergamot and nutmeg to give some warmth to the cold evergreen air.

Maine Coon
Sweet, syrupy benzoin, a blend of two vanillas, sandalwood, a bit of amber, and a touch of cardamom make a warm and welcoming fragrance.

Scottish Fold
 Bitter dutched cocoa, a slight air of kitchen smoke, with a base of amyris and labdanum. Leans more atmospheric than gourmand.

Tubby Tabby
Our own natural yet vegan "honey"(a proprietary blend containing a high percentage of Benzoin resin), a drop of honeybush* tea, with a sprinkle of cardamom swirled throughout. Sweet and warm without being cloying. (a color pattern, not breed, tabbies can be found in numerous breeds and mixes) 

*Our in-house tincture of honeybush, which may contain very small dark particles

Japanese Bobtail
Violet dominates, followed by soft plumeria, sweet benzoin, with just a touch of ylang-ylang and neroli.

Lush freesia and coriander seed are rounded out with a hint of (synthetic) musk, then a touch of amber and sandalwood.

Egyptian Mau
Several rich but soft resins blended with cedarwood*, and the slightest air of oud and patchouli on warm evening air.
*This is actually juniper, but is usually refered to as cedar, and the type of scent most commonly associated with cedarwood. We also use Himalayan Cedarwood oil in some of our blends, which is a true cedar and slightly more sharp and pine-like.

Turkish Angora
Freshly roasted coffee beans, the warm aroma of cream and natural sweeteners, slightly peppery air, and an occasional whiff of amber.

A blend of sugars and cream, livened up with a few drops of honey and bourbon vanilla (all vegan of course).

Himalayan Cat
Velvety red roses in front of a smoldering fireplace, the room scented with cardamom, sandalwood and amber.

Feral Kitten
Plumeria's tropical sweetness tops a blend of woods including cedar and sandalwood with a slightly musky base. (While of course not a breed, millions of wild-born domestic cats are welcomed in to become family)

  • Autumn/Halloween 2017

Lucky Black Cat
A sensual blend of soft, sweet amber intertwined with papyrus, black pepper, cardamom, and sandalwood.

Ghost Story
Woodsy and slightly spicy, this perfume blends sandalwood, bergamot, clove, coriander, vetiver, oakmoss, and rosewood, with just a hint of floral notes.

Puppy In A Leaf Pile
Fresh apple peel grated onto oakwood and slightly smoky oud, with just a hint of bittersweet greenery.

Luxurious warm oud, (synthetic) musk, mild smoldering woods and smoke, with a slight air of sweet spices.

Rutting Season
(Elk of course!) Gala apples brighten up this blend of oakwood, pepper, carnation, citrus, myrrh, amber, (synthetic) musk, and vanilla.

Aasgard Pass
(more Washington!) Blackened Well-done marshmallow kabobs over a campfire, utilizing nature's skewer, the pine twig.

Singed marshmallows on a base primarily of oud, amber, and sandalwood. A rich but bright fragrance.

Dark Path
Leather and smoke dominate, drifting across a blend of hardwoods, clove, papyrus, nutmeg, and just a touch of (synthetic) musk.

Frantic Chipmunk
Welcome to Washington! We have apples. Many apples. Apples and wine. Skip the wine for now, and indulge in slightly spicy and sweet apple bread, balanced out with a touch of gentle oakmoss and sandalwood.

(Leavenworth!) Forget the wine, how about the myriad of microbreweries in this state? Including numerous specialty cider breweries. This is our version of small-batch dark hard apple cider, rich natural flavors (scents, obviously. Don't taste this) and atmospheric qualities almost overpowering the alcohol. Not spicy, does not contain cinnamon. 

Snoqualmie Lodge
Crisp October mountain air, fir and pine trees, rocky soil, apples, fallen leaves, warmth from the hearth. We added some leather because you'll want a jacket.

Murder Mystery Theatre
Violet dominates this rich, sensual blend also containing (synthetic) dark musk, rich hardwoods, a touch of amber, and rosewood.

Gilded Leaves
Newly fallen crimson and gold leaves, having lost that sharp green scent. A slightly warm, earthy-herbal aroma, balanced with a hint of vanilla and woods.

  • Ancient Rome collection

Via dell'Abbondanza
("Street of Abundance", A once-bustling main street in Pompeii)Fresh tulsi basil atop labdanum with an air of warmer herbs and roots, and just the slightest hint of lime. Green, but not as "sharp herbal" as it sounds. An all-natural perfume.

Salacia's Silken Stolla
(Salacia was a sea goddess and the wife of Neptune, who had sent a dolphin to coerce her to follow and marry him)Thyme honey, a rich herbal and sweet-wood aroma reminiscent of honey made from the thyme flowers bees love (which is still produced in Sicily and Greece). An all-natural perfume.(Please note: As we only use vegan ingredients, this is not made from any real honey derivative, but our own natural "honey" blend which we think has the fragrant properties similar to honey. It will not smell like honey fragrance oils or honey/beeswax absolutes)

Gabinetto Segreto
("Secret Cabinet", a collection of erotic art in various forms, now housed in Naples (and the art was once considered so scandalous, only men were allowed to view any of it), recovered from Pompeii and Herculaneum. Ignore the goat.) A very earthy vanilla. Aromatic vanillas darkened by thick labdanum resin, warm sandalwood, and a breeze of bittersweet garden greens (no, of course vanilla was not in ancient Rome).

Slightly sweet citrus peels, a hint of relaxing chamomile, honey-sweetness, and a sprig of tulsi basil. An all-natural perfume.(Please note: As we only use vegan ingredients, this is not made from any real honey derivative, but our own natural "honey" blend which we think has the fragrant properties similar to honey. It will not smell like honey fragrance oils or honey/beeswax absolutes)

(goddess of desire and sensual pleasure, daughter of Cupid and Psyche)A complex blend of vanilla beans, warm flower petals, ground herb seeds, and a hint of bitter orange. (nope, no vanilla in ancient Rome, we know)

Temple Of Vesta
Geranium and bitter orange topped with marjoram and other garden herbs resting on a sweet resinous base. An all-natural perfume.

Labdanum grounds a blend of rich vanillas, made even more "earthy" and warm with woodsy resins (not incense-like) and aromatic roots. (still no vanilla in ancient Europe)

The Grace Of Abundantia
Honey drizzled on oranges, sage from Hispania, with gentle touches of coriander, saffron, and sweet resin. An all-natural perfume. (Please note: As we only use vegan ingredients, this is not made from any real honey derivative, but our own natural "honey" blend which we think has the fragrant properties similar to honey. It will not smell like honey fragrance oils or honey/beeswax absolutes)

Gardens Of Herculaneum
Blooming herbs in the gardens, an early summer breeze carrying the scent of juniper and spruce, a touch of soil, all softened by a hint of roses. An all-natural perfume.

House Of The Vettii
A summer evening outdoors, sharing an oak barrel of wine from Gaul with guests donning sweet basil perfumes. Slightly musky, earthy scents of sun-warmed tiles and stone become apparent as the air cools.

Sylvanus (A god of forests and fields)
  Geranium and thyme make a slightly spicy, warm woodsy-floral aroma, with sharpness softened by sweet resins and labdanum. An all-natural perfume.  


Creamy vanilla rests on a base of hot white tea with just a tiny touch of natural honey-like sweetness.

Kitten Tummies
Fluffy soft kitten, snuggled up on her favorite blanket. Actual notes: Marshmallow, sweet benzoin resin, white sandalwood, sugar, and a hint of myrrh. A light fragrance.

Malabar Coast
Coconut and mango dominate, with summer peaches, followed by hints of tobacco and black pepper to keep the fragrance from being too sweet.

Ghost Bat
French vanilla intertwined with a little turmeric and a slight air of freshly dried tobacco leaves.

Freesia dominates, followed by neroli (bitter orange blossom), then a bit of cypress, turmeric, and benzoin resin.

Pizza! Not the oily, hot melted cheese variety, but more like a homemade or true artisan pizza with plenty of basil and other seasoning in sweet marinara sauce on a pan crust.

Boyfriend's Shirt
Freshly machine-dried cotton, dewy morning air, hints of a woodsy aftershave, a slight air of newly mown grass.

Girlfriend's Shirt
Clean laundry, lingering whiffs of her perfume and coconut-scented conditioner, and a very slight sweet skin-musk.

Lumber Aisle
You know how you can drift to the wood aisle in any given major home improvement store by scent? Stacks and stacks of nothing but various types of cedar, fir, and hemlock.

Serengeti Rain
A rare late-summer rain on parched soil, just enough to give a the air a heavy petrichor scent. Please note: this may have a bit of a "green fabric softener" aspect to some people.

Canyons of Rawanduz
Amber and benzoin resins are prominent, balanced with the woodsy smells of scrubby trees in high desert, and a touch of black pepper. All natural ingredients.

Arz Ar-Rabb
Soft, honey-thick benzoin resin, fresh-cut cedarwood, juniper wood, sandalwood (sounds like we're preparing a pyre), just a hint of smoke in the air, and the barest whiff of tart geranium. All natural ingredients.

Tigris At Sunset
Freshly sliced blood oranges brought to you on a wood platter, as the scent of sweet incense from an adjacent room intertwines with dried Ylang-Ylang blossoms left on your bedside table. All natural ingredients.

Jabal Korek Autumn
 Brush and woods, slightly sweet and smoky, with bittersweet spice and a touch of Ylang-Ylang. All natural ingredients.

Black Smoke
Sooty smoke wafting up through the night air from a pile of smoldering green wood and dry brush. Leans more dark-sweet-smoke rather than acrid smoke. All natural ingredients.

The Poet
Green leaves and an air of amber add depth to the scent of a slightly smoky black tea with the finest sprinkle of spice (no cinnamon) mingling with the steam.

Citadel Walls
Just a splash of red blood orange across Sandalwood, Dragon's Blood, and the barest hint of Myrrh.

Rich violets on a summer afternoon spiced up with black pepper, grounded with sweet sandalwood and teak.

Sultry and slightly sweet but not cloying, this soft blend of resins such as Amber and Benzoin, balanced with sweet woods is topped with just a touch of vanilla.

Sandalwood and smoky green vetiver are topped with tart orange blossom and graced with Frankincense.

Retired on 4/30: Tropicana, Hyacinth & Narcissus, Idyllic Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Stormy Sunset, Vale Of Tempe

In the Hall of the Mountain King
Rich, warm resins enveloped by woodsmoke, a touch of greenery, and subtle vanilla.

Impressionist Garden
English and Hybrid Tea roses in a bed of fresh, damp soil.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake! Baked fresh pineapple, brown sugar, and a hint of yellow cake. This is not a stock scent (which we do not use).

Saddle leather, fresh-cut cedar wood, and a touch of sweet but sharp Ravensara form a clean, comfortable blend.

Hyacinthus & Narcissus
Early spring flowers and surrounding greenery, notably daffodil and hyacinth.

Caño Cristales
A rich blend of South-American tropical fruits and flowers such as hibiscus, frangipani, guava, and more.

High desert wildflowers, yucca flowers, earth, and a hint of worn leather.

Idyllic Fantasy
Candied purple and pink spring flowers dominated by freesias

Crisp garden salad. Leaf lettuce, cucumber, and a dash of light Mediterranean herb dressing (minus the vinegar). Sounds weird but smells wearable.

Dramatis Personae
Rose gardens in the summer rain, bordered by smaller flowers, with a touch of bergamot.

Languid Adventurer
A sensual blend of resins, warm woods such as cedar and teak, with a just a hint of black pepper and musk. Does contain patchouli, but it's soft, not the "jump out and shove an incense stick at you" patchouli.

Sweet Starlight
Creamy vanillas blended with sandalwood, oak, and amaretto. A rather sweet fragrance.

Sonoran Night
Campfire smoke, dry earth, sun-warmed sandstone, with a hint of white sage and cactus wafting on cool night air.

Salish Sea
Salty cool air, pacific inland water, surrounding greenery, and a touch of bull kelp. No florals or dryer-sheet "beach" scent. Our interpretation of the scent of Puget Sound down the road from our studio.

Bering Sea
Rough icy ocean, stormy skies, briny water washing across the weathered teak wood deck.

Historical Fiction
A heavy floral, this perfume is dominated by plumeria (frangipani), wisteria, and a touch of wild berries to give a slight sweetness.

Sucre Brûlé
No spice, no cream, just a blend of scorched sugars with a hint of woodsmoke.

Stormy Sunset
Vanilla-amaretto cordial, a touch of fresh coconut and bitter orange, balanced with a bit of cedar and amber.

Creamy French vanilla and an air of sandalwood softens the heavy scent of gardenias and geraniums.

Labyrinthine Vanilia
Rich vanillas, slightly sweet and creamy, graced with hints of black pepper, pink grapefruit, and just a hint of amber and (synthetic) musk.

Sweet-tart tangerines and their blossoms mingle with vanilla and amber.

Tarnished Crown
Smoldering hardwood, dark vanilla swirled with smoky resins, and a hint of black pepper.

A blend of various tobacco leaves with a hint of cherry wood, a note of patent leather, softened by hibiscus.

Red Opulence
This rich blend is dominated by dark red roses, amber, sandalwood, followed by a touch of Frankincense, with the barest hints of purple sage and tonka bean.

Carina Nebula
Vibrant summer-blooms such as sweet pea and hibiscus, ripe figs and peaches, and a tiny hint of jasmine.


Her Sword's Edge
A rich, sensual blend of spicy carnation, amber, and a sutble creamy sweetness.

His Lordship Wishes To See You
An air of slightly smokey imported black tea with chamomile mixes with the slightly damp woodsy scent of a cool morning in the old manor.

Dark Tavern
Tangy smoke from ovens and chimneys wafting through the towering evergreens, mingling with the scents of dark bread and ale.

Playing In Shadows
Smoke from oil lamps mingles with autumn air, fallen oak leaves, and mountain soil. There's also the presence of magic in its wake, like the memory of sweet incense.

Cliffside Castle
Sweet amber and cedarwood are apparent on the ground floor, an air of vanilla and black pepper are carried through the open windows on the upper levels, along with evergreens and the feel of being in a warm room on a cold evening.

Four rich tree resins intertwined with just a hint of blackened vanilla, and the subtle sweetness of a dark flower, just enough to draw you in. As if you needed the push.

Tapestry Of Intrigue
Three heated resins from a distant land, steaming black tea, and just the lightest air of desert flower to hold off the bitterness.