Perfume List

Current fragrances as of 11/25/2019


  • Colors

Faust: The Fragrance

An air of sweet pipe tobacco over hearth smoke, bow rosin, mahogany wood, and a touch of German chamomile. 

Mephisto: The Fragrance

Worldly riches and desires, all for such a small price.
Dark oud, sweet frankincense and benzoin resins, tempting honey, and a wisp of otherworldly smoke.

Serendipity: The Fragrance

Three rich vanillas sprinkled with raw sugar and a drop of sweet liqueur, paired with freshly cut Himalayan cedarwood.

Steampunk: The Fragrance

Engine grease, gasoline, dirt, bittersweet lamp oil, and firewood.

Polar Bear: The Fragrance

Vanilla, vanilla, and more vanilla, creamy but not overly sweet, intertwined with just a bit of palo santo and sandalwood, then cooled with crisp peppermint.

Reindeer Fur: The Fragrance

Rice pudding and cream, pepperkake, marzipan, gløgg, snowy air, and a hint of musky fur.

Winter Sunrise: The Fragrance

Gentle sweetness in a warm room as the coral rays reach over the snowy mountains, plus light amber, Douglas fir needles, with the barest air of cedar and subtle pastry spices.


  • Shipwreck

Starboard Bow

Weathered wood drying under the emerging sun, after being battered for days by cold saltwater and high winds.

Bitter orange and a bit of lime peel, Himalayan cedarwood, the barest touch of musk, with hints of thyme and labdanum.

Captain's Quarters

A shirt of flax linen alongside a spare leather doublet, boots too new to yet be worn down by the elements, a couple well-loved books next to a candle, and small resin vials he had no doubt picked up on various voyages were what you first noticed upon stepping into the captain's small but distinguished quarters. Few people had this privilege, but you had been specially invited.

Leather, cotton, hardwoods, salty air, a touch of sweet frankincense, with just a hint of rum.

Black Squall

Open waters of the deepest blue, eerily calm before the looming arcus cloud in the distance bears down, revealing the wrath of the storm behind it. There was little left to do now but watch and wait.

Cold and clean-smelling seawater, ozonic air, now and then a little olive oil from the lamps.

Cutlass & Dagger

Once a winsome and capable privateering brig, and now, well that was before the Captain's falling out of favor with the owner and taking full control in payment for monies owed. Now the crew seized upon opportunities in a journey northward, answering only to her, yourself as Quartermaster, and the wrath of increasingly cold waters.

Coastal juniper wood, sandalwood, neroli, pale amber, ho wood, polished steel, patchouli, and an air of clary sage.

Phoenician Routes

Reaching Cyprus in the early evening, just a quick stop before resuming the voyage home, the hold is opened to reveal crates and jars of recently acquired goods from lands to the north, and those which were brought from the Red Sea shores and beyond.

Rich oud and frankincense mingle with sandalwood, a pinch of indulgent saffron, bergamot, then just a bit of black pepper and warm musk.


He commands the ocean as one could expect of Poseidon himself. On shore that tenacity without arrogance was ever-present, gaining him respect and admiration with ease.

Various hardwoods, salty air, wet sandstone, notes of grapefruit and geranium, grounded with just a drop of smoky vetiver.

Jacquotte Delahaye

She didn't venture too far from her native Haiti, pirating throughout the warm Caribbean in the mid 17th century. Business is business, but surely there was always time for indulgence.

Freshly dried tobacco leaves, breezes off the shallow seas, bitter Amyris, a little rum, and a touch of uplifting neroli.


Stores of rum grew thin fast, and rations of grog lessened when the crew was still days from the closest inhabited islands. Though the long nights would be worth the wait.

Dark, sweet molasses-like rum, aged in charred barrels and highly sought after.

Smugglers' Tea

With inflated prices and high duties, thanks to the East India Company's monopoly on the trade, smuggling was a more profitable, albeit dangerous, avenue to bring tea from China to merchants in Europe.

Black tea leaves, a slight air of smoky green leaves, hints of tobacco, and local wood from the packing crates.


  • Autumn 2019

Autumn In Avalon
Crisp Gala apples coated in caramel then drizzled with melted marshmallow cream.

Waning Moon
Sandalwood, papyrus, juniper wood, cardamom, a waft of smoke, with hints of amber and leather.

Cardamom blended into a mix of black tea leaves, served steaming with a couple mini marshmallows dropped in.

Delicious Deception
A perfect autumn apple, nothing distinguishable. Except that slight bitterness and an herbal smoke note, represented by scant drops of turmeric, vetiver, and ginger lily, which went unnoticed until it was bitten into. This one had been poisoned.

Distant Voices
Bergamot, crushed fir needles, pink pepper, just a touch of sandalwood and hints of fruity sweetness.

Fluffy Foxes Eating Cookies At Midnight
The honey-like sweetness of benzoin resin, an array of sandalwood and soft balsamic notes, with a hint of warm cardamom.

Warm Contentment
Cups of hot Russian Caravan tea and thin slices of tart apples arranged on a carved oak tray make the increasing wind outside seem unconcerning.

Mistress Malediction
Sweet orange and a hint of vanilla blended with an air of honey and jasmine, anchored by a rich yet bright amber.

Echoes Of The Wild Hunt
Slightly smoldering vanilla and hardwoods, old leather with a touch of musk, and a hint of bittersweet frankincense resin.

Darkness Awaits
Still a little pulpy inside and probably not your most artsy attempt, but there's no comparison to the scent of slightly candle-singed fresh carved pumpkin.

Rakish Reaper
A slightly sweet blend of tangerine, grapefruit, vanilla, ho wood, Buddha wood, and tonka bean.

Aos Sí
Just out of the oven, the scent of homemade carrot cake fills the house. Low sugar and only mild spices, no icing yet. Perfect for sharing with unseen guests.

Under The Owl's Gaze
A warm fragrance of lightly toasted marshmallow over soft amber, sandalwood, cedar, and marjoram.

(IE: bairín breac) Sweetened bread with bits of dried fruit and topped with fresh butter, traditionally baked with small divination objects inside and served at Samhain.


  • Winter 2017

Enchanted Desert Snow
 A high desert with rocky cliffs, sandy basins, and a scattering of scrubby pines. A powdery snow coats the landscape, creating a striking scene allowing one to imagine rich scents both warm and cold.

Woodland Winter
The season's first snow, slowly coating the fir and spruce branches. Not sweet, not too sharp.

Steam and Fog
 Honeybush and Assam teas, sipped on a walk through a cold Pacific Northwest coastal forest.

  • Oh For Cats' Sake!

Siberian Forest Cat
 Siberian Fir is the star of this forest blend, followed by spruce needles, then a touch of bergamot and nutmeg to give some warmth to the cold evergreen air.

Maine Coon
Sweet, syrupy benzoin, a blend of two vanillas, sandalwood, a bit of amber, and a touch of cardamom make a warm and welcoming fragrance.

A blend of sugars and cream, livened up with a few drops of honey and bourbon vanilla (all vegan of course).

  • Autumn/Halloween 2017

Lucky Black Cat
A sensual blend of soft, sweet amber intertwined with papyrus, black pepper, cardamom, and sandalwood.

Aasgard Pass
Blackened Well-done marshmallow kabobs over a campfire, utilizing nature's skewer, the pine twig.

Singed marshmallows on a base primarily of oud, amber, and sandalwood. A rich but bright fragrance.

Snoqualmie Lodge
Crisp October mountain air, fir and pine trees, rocky soil, apples, fallen leaves, warmth from the hearth. We added some leather because you'll want a jacket.


Kitten Tummies
Fluffy soft kitten, snuggled up on her favorite blanket. Actual notes: Marshmallow, sweet benzoin resin, white sandalwood, sugar, and a hint of myrrh. A light fragrance.

Four rich tree resins intertwined with just a hint of blackened vanilla, and the subtle sweetness of a dark flower, just enough to draw you in. As if you needed the push.

Ghost bat
French vanilla intertwined with a bit of turmeric and a slight air of freshly dried tobacco leaves.

Tarnished Crown
Smoldering hardwood, dark vanilla swirled with smoky resins, and a hint of black pepper.