Date added: 06/27/2020 Current updates...

Existing order fulfillment is always the priority, so production is done when time allows. Many products will be out of stock more frequently than usual, as since March there is only one person currently doing all labor at our facility in order to maintain safety and comply with local business restrictions. Plus several of our supplies have had long delays in transit or are otherwise delayed by manufacturers. Customer service is handled separately in our office as always, though response time may be delayed.

8/12: Many products are out of stock. Lack of time and personnel to produce and package as needed may prevent re-stocking of most for a few more days. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.  

9/9: When our next cosmetics are released, the perfume bottle prices will be slightly increasing. It will be less than a $2 increase. Sample prices are not changing.