Tangerine trees growing in the courtyard of a resort, with balconies above

Perfume Oil: Balcony Tryst

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Tangerine blossoms! Sweet tangerines mixed with the heavier scent of their flowers, grounded by a bit of ginger lily, soft leather, and benzoin. This perfume is (safely) high in tangerine oil, and may appear reddish-brown due to its natural tint. Released 4/4/2022. Also available in Eau de Parfum spray.  

Please see the  Perfume category page before purchasing for information about our bottles, ingredients, and resting recommendations.

Bottles are available in 1.5ml, 5ml (0.169 fl oz / 1.35 dram), and 10ml  (0.338 fl oz / 2.70 dram).

Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels