Current perfume list with notes is here.

   About ten years ago we also created fragrances, but had to cease production due to the current owner's respiratory illness. It was ventured back into in 2015, though everything is completely different this time around, and was "shelved" until 2017. Our main perfumer creates most blends and he will adding an option for custom perfumes at a later date.

   Fyrinnae fragrances are made from essential oils, absolutes, other botanical ingredients, and aroma chemicals, with a safety carrier of Isopropyl Myristate (not in perfumes listed as all natural), and in some blends a small amount of stabilized Avocado Oil or Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (this is not the same thing as fractionated coconut oil) is used. Synthetics are not in all blends, but all blends contain at least one natural ingredient, and most are primarily or 100% natural-derived. Patch test before use, and avoidance during pregnancy is highly recommended.

   As with our cosmetics, all products are vegan. Notes such as leather, musk, and cream are from synthetic sources. As with pretty much all indie companies who do not market private label products, no products are ever tested on animals. In cases where the real botanical ingredient is endangered or harvesting practices are known to be questionable, we use a synthetic substitute. Shelf life is estimated to be around 2 years at least, but most blends will last longer. Some fragrance ingredients change with age, but our carrier base should remain stable.

   If you are trying our perfumes for the first time, we highly recommend at least three, since there are many variations in our fragrance types, different perfumers, and we do not use a universal "scented" grounding base oil.