Perfume List

Current fragrances as of 9/14/2021. Scent descriptions begin with the dominating note(s) or ingredient, ending with the smallest ratio or least noticeable unless otherwise phrased. We do not use a "base" in our perfumes, and isopropyl myristate has no scent. Further individual notations may be found on each fragrance's or category page.


  • Halloween 2021

Danse Macacre

Slightly sweet sandalwood, amber, labdanum, and a hint of vanilla mingle with billowing woodsmoke and smoldering logs. Named for the 1874 composition by Camille Saint-Saëns.

Resurrection Symphony

Vibrant black pepper and amyris are deepened with a touch of oud. Sensitive individuals please note: This fragrance is about 98% botanical, mainly Amyris. Named for the late 19th century composition by Gustav Mahler.

Dream Of A Witches' Sabbath

A dark forest thick with the scents of fir boughs, pine needles, sticky sweet-smelling tree resins, snapped cedar branches, mingling with the warmer smell of cardamom. "Songe D'une Nuit Du Sabbat" from Hector Berlioz's 1830 Symphonie Fantastique.


Rich, woodsy amyris, swirled around resinous dragon's blood and sandalwood, topped with a bit of oakmoss. The opening movement of Dante's Symphony by Franz Liszt.

Devil's Trill Sonata

An apple tree, sharp ginger root, dried tobacco leaves, soft powdery amber, ho wood, and the barest air of patchouli. Giuseppe Tartini's 18th century composition.

Dies Irae

Sweet indulgent liqueur, heavy labdanum absolute, warm black pepper, a touch of rich vanilla. From Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem.

Isle Of The Dead

Sweet, syrupy benzoin dominates, followed by Siberian fir needle, Himalayan cedarwood, amber, and the barest whiff of leather. Named for Sergei Rachmaninoff's 1908 symphonic poem.

In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Warm resins enveloped by woodsmoke, a touch of arid mountain plants, and subtle unsweetened vanilla. A smoky, bitter fragrance. Named for the 1875 composition by Edvard Grieg, the title implies a mountain troll king from Henrik Ibsen's play, "Peer Gynt".
This fragrance was discontinued in 2018, and has been brought back reformulated in 2021. The notes are very similar, but it has differences to the original.


  • Storms


A little cold, slightly electric and metallic, somewhat earthy as the mix of convection and icy temperatures don't quite have the soft peacefulness of ordinary snowfall. Contains no mint.

900 Millibars

Subtropical saltwater, occasional driftwood, acrid hints of intense natural power.


Warm sand and red dirt, pulled up off the surface in dry winds.


Thick-feeling humid air, and scents of harvested fields mixing with rain. 

Convergence Zone

Late summer light rain on a cool day hits thirsty evergreen trees and dusty soil, bringing a comfortable slight dampness back to the northwest air, finally chasing away the haziness.

Mammatus Clouds

Warm, tangy field-herbal fragrance with a slight heavy machinery aspect.

Southwest Monsoon

With a breeze of white sage, this fragrance was designed to parallel the scents of dry, cracked desert soil turning to mud while the rain it can't absorb runs onto roadways.


  • Winter 2020

The Marshmallow Prince

Lightly toasted marshmallows and marshmallow creme, deepened with benzoin and bittersweet labdanum resins, and a touch of black pepper.

Changi Village

Toasted sesame oil, fresh minced ginger, a small slice of garlic, with very subtle scents of cooking wine, and fried tofu (in lieu of chicken). The sesame is a top note which will fade to the background allowing ginger to become foremost.


Rice wrappers, green cabbage, coriander, sweet onion, a pinch of ginger, and glass noodles, fried until crisp.

Artisan Bakery

Fluffy, rich Challah baked with sauteed onions folded in, no butter, served warm.

Beckoning Cat

Steamed white jasmine rice, a few drops of sesame oil stirred in, topped with black sesame seeds.

Just One More

Soft drop biscuits filled with grated cheddar cheese and brushed with melted garlic butter.


White sage, dried tobacco leaves, syrupy benzoin resin, and sandalwood create a warm "brown" herbal fragrance.


Soft, sweet frankincense nestled in Himalayan cedarwood and oakmoss, an air of bergamot and smoky vetiver, with hints of amber and white pepper.

Border Collie

Bitter orange, black pepper, and bergamot over benzoin, labdanum, and frankincense resins, with just a hint of soft amber.

Siberian Husky

Siberian fir needles, Copaiba balsam resin, warm kettle corn, raspberry syrup, juniper wood (often referred to as  cedarwood), and a drop of vanilla.

Golden Retriever

Peanut butter, damp backyard soil, weathered wood, and a touch of sweet apple.


Himalayan cedar, blood orange, Peru balsam, a scattering of fir needles, with hints of mulberry and lemon peel.


White pepper, velvety red rose petals, neroli, sandalwood, Hinoki wood, a slight air of vanilla, and a drop of liquidambar resin (styrax).


Dominant dark chocolate and cocoa absolute, sooty woodsmoke, warm salty caramel, and the slightly misty, briny breeze from the harbor.


  • Autumn 2020

Andromeda Autumn

Soft white pepper, amber resin, labdanum absolute, guaiac wood (simulated), and a slightly sweet caramel note.

Warp Speed to October

Late summer oak leaves just as they begin to turn yellow and brown, an air of saltwater, worn leather, and linen, rich oakmoss, a scattering of fresh wood chips, and a hint of bergamot.

Magellanic Cloud Mage

Crushed violet petals, drying tobacco leaves, lightly toasted marshmallows sprinkled with a bit of brandy, rich sandalwood in the background.

Flaming Tree Nebula

Bergamot is softened by Himalayan cedar and aromatic juniper woods, with sweet orange, Hinoki wood, and the bright greenery of Nepali palmarosa.


The combination of warm machine oil, cold titanium, and the slightly stale scent of re-circulated oxygen.

Skiing On Europa

The atmosphere of a distant moon, not as habitable for mammals as Earth, the thin air reminiscent of high mountain elevations before snowfall. Cold, and ozonic like petrichor.


Soft notes of sandalwood, dry tobacco leaves, amber, acacia wood and a hint of pink "pepper" (Schinus Molle) are livened up with sweet lime and a touch of honeydew melon.

Taqueria Enceladus

Taco salad! Crisp green iceberg lettuce, shredded of course, with cilantro leaves, diced fresh tomato, taco seasoning, all in a crispy, warm corn tortilla bowl.

Pinwheel Galaxy

Hot, buttery, slightly salty caramel being cooked, with a wisp of smoke as a few sugar crystals hit the fire.

Cosmic Rays

The inviting scents of simmering garam masala, turmeric, a sprinkle of cardamom, fresh ginger, and a little extra black pepper.

Soya Milky Way

Ginger Vanilla Ice Cream! Rich creamy vanilla, beginning to melt, swirled with thin slices of crystallized ginger.


Lebanese Cedar

Old "Arz Ar-Rabb" (أرز الربّ), slightly reformulated. Soft, honey-thick benzoin resin, fresh-cut cedar wood, juniper wood, sandalwood, just a hint of smoke in the air, and the barest whiff of tart geranium. Contains no synthetic aroma-chemical components.

Ya Habibi

Wisps of sweet incense smoke over oud, Lebanese cedar, black pepper, and a hint of amber resin.


Margherita from 2017 has been recreated mid-2020 to have more fresh tomato & basil. Not the oily, hot melted cheese variety (contains no "cheese" type notes), but more like a true artisan pizza with fresh basil leaves over slightly sweet marinara sauce on a thick pan crust. A warmly herbal fragrance.

Salish Sea

2017 version improved for 8/2020: Altered to be more daily-wearable and slightly less "low tide". Salty cool air, pacific inland water, surrounding evergreens, and a touch of bull kelp. No florals or dryer-sheet beach scent; this is the cold shore of the Pacific Northwest. Our interpretation of the scent of Puget Sound down the road from our studio. May contain visible kelp particles.


  • Little Wild Cats

Rusty-Spotted Cat

Tiny and adorable, this cat lives only in most of India, Sri Lanka, and a small portion of Nepal. From Gujarat, India is Ghari: a milky, buttery (mawa and ghee respectively) cookie-like treat with an almond filling, coated in ghee and sugar.

Andean Mountain Cat

This beautiful but endangered small cat lives in limited parts of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile, mainly in high elevations. From Peru is Quinua con Leche. Warm pudding made of quinoa, milk, panela, and a touch of cinnamon (more spices are often used but we wanted the grain and creamy notes to be prominent).


With a distinctive appearance and long legs for jumping high, Servals inhabit many countries across Africa, including Nigeria. Which is where you can find the popular treat, Puff-Puffs. Similar to western style donut holes, these can be found with various flavors and added ingredients (often spices or even onion). Yeast dough, raw and white sugar, a drop of vanilla, the scent of fresh cooking oil.

Jungle Cat

Felis chaus inhabits a wide scattered area from Vietnam to Egypt, north to the Caspian Sea region of Russia. From her range in Lebanon, we chose Date-filled Maamoul. Buttery semolina cookies are shaped then stuffed with a mix of finely minced or pureed dates and orange blossom water.


Caracals have an extensive homeland, from large parts of southwestern Asia, across regions in the Middle East to portions of the African west coast. The name originates from Turkish, and we chose a common sweet from Turkey, Şambali (common in much of the Middle East and North Africa but varied by region). This semolina-based cake is drenched with lemon syrup then decorated on top with peanut halves for a sweet but slightly savory treat.

Black-Footed Cat

This very small cat, while rather adorable, is an exceptional hunter who resides in a relatively small area consisting of Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana. From South Africa is Malva Pudding: a rich spongy cake containing apricot jam and soaked in an even richer buttery caramel sauce.


Oncilla ranges through parts of the northern half of South America up through Central America. We chose Bienmesabe from Venezuela for his sweet treat. This meringue-topped layer cake is heavy on the coconut cream which has a noticeable amount of cooking sherry (we used a sweet liqueur note).

Sand Cat

The sweet-faced Sand Cat's range includes parts of west Asia across to Morocco and Western Sahara. From Morocco, we chose Meskouta, a cake traditionally made with yogurt and often flavored with orange. Our version of this cake is flavored with orange blossom and cardamom, with a light orange and sugar syrup glaze.

Just A Nip

Fresh catnip from spring gardens (before it has been loved on and squashed by neighbor kitties), a little Ceylon tea, a splash of vanilla and just a touch of sweetened cream. Envisioned as a hot or chilled tea, this is very heavy on the (actual) catnip but neither minty nor sharply herbal.


  • Spring 2020

Narcissus' Reflection

Brilliant daffodils and fragrant carnations in organic soil brighten up a warm, rainy day.


Sweet hyacinth dominates gentle notes of patchouli, resins, Himalayan and Atlas cedarwoods, oud, and amber.

Killiney Hill

Cold, salty air off Dublin Harbour, with green shrubs, clover, and early wildflowers dotting the rough hillsides.

Wicklow Wildflowers

Various blooms such as wild orchids, thyme, and clover, easily found among fields of greenery throughout spring.


The spicy-sweet scent of carnations (a species of dianthus), with soft hints of freesia, black tea, and honey.



Sweet tobacco leaves drying in the sun, vanilla bean pods on cedar planks, a sliced blood orange, and a drop of cream.


A somewhat syrupy blend of frankincense, benzoin, and myrrh resins, with a slight air of worn leather, black pepper, and sandalwood.



Ripe hybrid cherry tomatoes on the plant, slightly sweet and tangy with an herbaceous tomato leaf fragrance.

Heirloom Tomato Leaf

Rows of tomato plants on a humid day, their unmistakable heavy green fragrance filling the air and clinging to your hands as you touch the leaves.

El Yunque

Sweet guava and tangy pineapple sliced and topped with a few violet petals, then a tiny sprinkle of chili powder. Does not contain capsicum.

Dulces Sueños

The rich scent of plumeria flowers at night, alongside ripe mangoes with a dash of cardamom.


Tart blood oranges, syrupy-sweet dark cherries, with gentle wisps of smoke.

Ararat Honey & Apricots

Dark wildflower honey is served alongside apricot jam, rich with a slight bittersweetness. Assumed to be native to the fertile soils of Armenia, apricots are abundant in summer, widely grown in the Ararat valley. The "honey" in our perfumes is a proprietary accord consisting primarily of benzoin resin.

Armenian Rose

The fragrance of dark rose petals and sweeter pink roses with hints of the earthy scent of native lilies.

Indecent Glamour

A robust mix of Centifolia and Damask roses, intertwined with syrupy frankincense and benzoin resins, a hint of freshly cut wood.


  • Winter 2019

Arctic Foxes Having Cake

Airy angel food cake with a messy crust, just out of the oven with the barest background of various sweet kitchen scents.

Forest Grandeur

A forest just at the base of the mountains in autumn's first light snow, dominated by fir, hemlock, western red cedar (not a true cedar, but a cypress), and various pines. They grow so close together in some spots that in the first few light snows of the season, the ground is nearly dry under the branches, and walking through you still get the scent of warm earth and brown needles beneath the evergreen boughs and sweet wood scents.


  • Colors

Mephisto: The Fragrance

Worldly riches and desires, all for such a small price.
Dark oud, sweet frankincense and benzoin resins, tempting honey, and a wisp of otherworldly smoke.

Serendipity: The Fragrance

Three rich vanillas sprinkled with raw sugar and a drop of sweet liqueur, paired with freshly cut Himalayan cedarwood.

Polar Bear: The Fragrance

Vanilla, vanilla, and more vanilla, creamy but not overly sweet, intertwined with just a bit of palo santo and sandalwood, then cooled with crisp peppermint.


  • Shipwreck

Starboard Bow

Weathered wood drying under the emerging sun, after being battered for days by cold saltwater and high winds.

Bitter orange and a bit of lime peel, Himalayan cedarwood, the barest touch of musk, with hints of thyme and labdanum.

Captain's Quarters

A shirt of flax linen alongside a spare leather doublet, boots too new to yet be worn down by the elements, a couple well-loved books next to a candle, and small resin vials he had no doubt picked up on various voyages were what you first noticed upon stepping into the captain's small but distinguished quarters. Few people had this privilege, but you had been specially invited.

Leather, cotton, hardwoods, salty air, a touch of sweet frankincense, with just a hint of rum.

Black Squall

Open waters of the deepest blue, eerily calm before the looming arcus cloud in the distance bears down, revealing the wrath of the storm behind it. There was little left to do now but watch and wait.

Cold and clean-smelling seawater, ozonic air, now and then a little olive oil from the lamps.

Cutlass & Dagger

Once a winsome and capable privateering brig, and now, well that was before the Captain's falling out of favor with the owner and taking full control in payment for monies owed. Now the crew seized upon opportunities in a journey northward, answering only to her, yourself as Quartermaster, and the wrath of increasingly cold waters.

Coastal juniper wood, sandalwood, neroli, pale amber, ho wood, polished steel, patchouli, and an air of clary sage.


He commands the ocean as one could expect of Poseidon himself. On shore that tenacity without arrogance was ever-present, gaining him respect and admiration with ease.

Various hardwoods, salty air, wet sandstone, notes of grapefruit and geranium, grounded with just a drop of smoky vetiver.

Jacquotte Delahaye

She didn't venture too far from her native Haiti, pirating throughout the warm Caribbean in the mid 17th century. Business is business, but surely there was always time for indulgence.

Freshly dried tobacco leaves, breezes off the shallow seas, bitter Amyris, a little rum, and a touch of uplifting neroli. *Discontinued 12/2020*


Stores of rum grew thin fast, and rations of grog lessened when the crew was still days from the closest inhabited islands. Though the long nights would be worth the wait.

Dark, sweet molasses-like rum, aged in charred barrels and highly sought after. *Discontinued 12/2020*

Smugglers' Tea

With inflated prices and high duties, thanks to the East India Company's monopoly on the trade, smuggling was a more profitable, albeit dangerous, avenue to bring tea from China to merchants in Europe.

Black tea leaves, a slight air of smoky green tea leaves, hints of tobacco, and local wood from the packing crates.


  • Autumn 2019

Autumn In Avalon
Crisp Gala apples coated in caramel then drizzled with melted marshmallow cream.

Warm Contentment
Cups of hot Russian Caravan tea and thin slices of tart apples arranged on a carved oak tray make the increasing wind outside seem unconcerning.

Mistress Malediction
Sweet orange and a hint of vanilla blended with a slight air of honey and just a tiny touch of jasmine, anchored by a rich yet bright amber.

Rakish Reaper
A slightly sweet blend of tangerine, grapefruit, vanilla, ho wood, Buddha wood, and tonka bean.

(IE: bairín breac) Slightly sweet bread with a few bits of dried fruit and topped with fresh butter, traditionally baked with small divination objects inside and served at Samhain.


  • Oh For Cats' Sake!

Siberian Forest Cat
 Siberian Fir is the star of this forest blend, followed by spruce needles, then a touch of bergamot and nutmeg to give some warmth to the cold evergreen air.

Maine Coon

Sweet, syrupy benzoin resin dominating, followed by sandalwood, a hint of two vanillas, a bit of amber, and a touch of cardamom make a warm and welcoming fragrance.

A blend of sugars and cream, livened up with a few drops of honey and bourbon vanilla (all vegan of course).

Egyptian Mau
Rich, slightly sweet resins blended with Himalayan cedarwood, amber, and a slight hint of oud and saffron. Reformulated in 2021.

Tubby Tabby
Our own natural yet vegan "honey" fragrance (a proprietary blend containing a high percentage of Benzoin resin), ceylon tea, rich vanilla, and a touch of cardamom seed. Reformulated in 2021.

Japanese Bobtail
Violet dominates, followed by soft plumeria, sweet benzoin resin, with hints of smoky vetiver, ylang-ylang and neroli. Reformulated in 2021.

Feral Kitten
The tropical sweetness of plumeria tops a blend of soft amber and fragrant woods including Himalayan cedar and (synthetic) rosewood. Reformulated in 2021.

Himalayan Cat
Velvety red roses in front of a smoldering fireplace, the room scented with amber, sandalwood, and cardamom. Slightly reformulated in 2021.

  • Autumn/Halloween 2017

Lucky Black Cat
A sensual blend of soft, sweet amber intertwined with quite a bit of black pepper, papyrus, a hint of cardamom, and sandalwood.

Aasgard Pass
Blackened Well-done marshmallow kabobs over a campfire, utilizing nature's skewer, the pine twig.

Singed marshmallows on a base primarily of oud, amber, and sandalwood. A rich but bright fragrance.

Snoqualmie Lodge
Crisp October mountain air, fir and pine trees, rocky soil, apples, fallen leaves, warmth from the hearth. We added some leather because you'll want a jacket.


Kitten Tummies
Fluffy soft kitten, snuggled up on her favorite blanket. Actual notes: Marshmallow, sweet benzoin resin, white sandalwood, sugar, and a hint of myrrh. A light fragrance.

Four rich resins intertwined with just a slight hint of blackened vanilla and sandalwood, then the subtle sweetness of a dark flower, just enough to draw you in. As if you needed the push.

Ghost bat
French vanilla intertwined with a bit of turmeric and a slight air of freshly dried tobacco leaves. *Discontinued 12/2020*

Tarnished Crown
Smoldering hardwood, dark vanilla swirled with smoky resins, and a hint of black pepper.


  • Ancient Rome

Via dell'Abbondanza

Bunches of fresh basil atop labdanum with an air of warmer herbs and roots, and just the slightest hint of lime. All fragrance components in this blend are natural botanicals.

Salacia's Silken Stolla

Thyme honey, a rich herbal and sweet-wood aroma reminiscent of honey made from the thyme flowers bees love (which is still produced in Sicily and Greece). An all-natural perfume. Very thick, like warm honey. All fragrance components in this blend are natural botanicals.


Slightly sweet citrus peels, a hint of relaxing chamomile, honey-sweetness, and a sprig of holy basil. All fragrance components in this blend are natural botanicals.

The Grace Of Abundantia

Honey drizzled on oranges, sage from Hispania, with gentle touches of coriander, saffron, and sweet resin. All fragrance components in this blend are natural botanicals.

Temple Of Vesta

Geranium and bitter orange topped with marjoram and other garden herbs resting on a sweet resinous base. All fragrance components in this blend are natural botanicals.


Geranium and thyme make a slightly spicy, warm woodsy-floral aroma, with sharpness softened by sweet resins and labdanum. All fragrance components in this blend are natural botanicals.

Gardens Of Herculaneum

Blooming herbs in the gardens including basil and helichrysum, an early summer breeze carrying the scent of evergreens and a touch of soil, all softened by a hint of roses. All fragrance components in this blend are natural botanicals.

Malachite Bracelet (new addition to the Ancient Rome collection)

Herbal, slightly sweet fresh basil with a bare hint of soil. Not minty or overly sharp, close to the scent left on your hands after picking the fresh leaves.