Date added: 08/18/2021 Product discontinuations & restock information...

8/5:  Loose eye shadows: Bite Me, Mewnicorn, Meowsc 4 Meowsc, Catnip, Deinonychus, Because Cats, Mauve-O-Matic, Sled Puppies, Capybara, Tango, Transcend Space, Dark Horizon, Wicklow Wildflowers.

Arcane Magic Steampunk, and Exquisites shade Mischief (Symphonic is similar with a stronger color change, and applies much better).  

Most are being discontinued because of very low sales in the past year or two, others are due to one or more colorant changes or discontinuations by the manufacturer such as Because Cats and Mischief. 

The perfumes which were marked as "being discontinued" in June and July are nearly gone, they will be removed from the active catalog when sold out.

8/18: There will not be as much production as usual for restocks in the coming weeks as we work to get the Autumn products finalized. Many products will be out of stock until time allows. As always, current orders always take priority over further production and new releases. 

Our costs to produce Pixie Epoxy increased a few years ago, but the product has only increased in price once since 2008. Unfortunately, we find it necessary to adjust for our raw material costs which rose last year. This increase of $1.50 (from $7 to $8.50/tube) will still keep the product affordable, and nothing else about it will change. The new price will take effect on August 27th. 


Once you receive a shipment email from us, your order has already been sent that day, as we do not send advance shipping notices. However, the post office(s) may skip scans or have delayed transport. If you do not receive your parcel in a reasonable time, or the tracking has not updated (for US customers) within 3 days after shipment, please let us know. 

To those who use forwarding services: Please be aware when paying for a third party shipping service that they may unpack your order and repack your products, often without proper protection for transit.