Bare tree branches with starry night sky above in Konitsa, Greece

Eau de Parfum: Sparks And Stars

Warm, rich oud (the same as we use in Marshmalloud), hinoki wood, Himalayan cedarwood, davana, aging leather, clary sage, and a drop of smoky vetiver.

   The day Prometheus got the idea to bring fire to man, nights were growing colder, and he knew these pitiful, directionless creatures would only huddle up in their caves again. They knew nothing of much use to themselves, and Zeus made it clear he had no intention of seeing that changed. As shadows lengthened that evening, Prometheus sought out Boreas, he of the cold north wind, and requested assistance with a rather simple task. That evening at sunset, enjoying music and feast in his palace hall, Zeus was in a pleasant humour so Prometheus noted that the skies seemed so calm, and it had not rained in many days, certainly had not stormed. With a casual wave, the more powerful god sent grey clouds down across the slopes, which soon began to clash. "Curious, is it not, that when your lightning strikes a tree of Olympos, it has fire but does not burn the wood", Prometheus said, in the most boring, innocent tone he could muster. Zeus shrugged, uninterested. The god of forethought continued. "Then it is good you keep the lightning so high", and began to depart the hall. As he expected, Athena was casually guarding, but as she favoured Prometheus, purposely took no notice when he slipped around the corner. Just then, the winds shifted, and a sharp icy breeze blew across the mountains. At the next strike of lightning, a sudden harsh north wind hit it, pushing the bolt down toward earth. This was the moment Prometheus seized fire from the front torches, hid it in a hollow reed, and swiftly made his way toward earth and men. He knew Zeus would not be deceived for long into thinking his own astray lightning had brought down fire, but it should give enough time.

30ml. Samples are available in the oil format. This perfume cannot be shipped outside of the continental US.

Photo by Alexandros Giannakakis on Unsplash .



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