Olive tree and hills with distant mountains in Crete, Greece

Eau de Parfum: Scent Of Dionysos

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The softest frankincense entwined with sweet benzoin, black pepper, ambrette, cedarwood, a touch of amber (Pinus Succinifera), with just a slight air of helichrysum flowers and pear.

  Upon noticing the Maenads seemed to be growing bored on this early autumn day, as it was not yet time for second harvest and still bore the remaining heat of summer, Dionysos thought up a plan to visit Tiryns to the west. He with his motley band of Satyros, Nymphs, and a few other assorted beings of whom he enjoyed companionship and loyalty, traveled toward the city yet stopped well short of its impressive walls. The scattered farms and small villages were often more appealing to Dionysos. Especially this time of year, and it had been a bountiful season. Everyone took notice of their passing by on the wide road of course, with general appreciation of this odd group's presence. Several young people brought baskets of vegetables and bread to them, and a kindly old farmer offered use of his field for the donkeys to graze. They set up a camp for the night there, then Nymphs and a couple Satyros took up their instruments, playing idly as the sun set. As often happened, dancing soon began, joined by the locals, who helpfully supplied the wine. As it was growing darker, the festivities lit by torch, a young man came carrying a lyre. At least, Dionysos thought them to be male in the evening light. No matter, this person was beautiful, the god thought to himself then watched from shadows with growing interest as they skillfully joined the other musicians.

30ml. Samples are available in the oil format. This perfume cannot be shipped outside of the continental US.

Photo by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay .