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Eau de Parfum: Lesvos

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Soft, sensual amber, light caramel, a bit of honey and cashmere wool (vegan interpretations), the barest drop of bergamot, and a slight touch of old cedarwood.

   Having the stronger mischievous nature of the two, and he who liked to venture further, Eros persuaded his twin Himeros to accompany him to the island coastal city of Mytilini. It was growing dark when they arrived (by wing of course), although the god of sexual desire did not know that his brother had very a specific destination in mind. Landing on a balcony of a modest but fair house, the brothers peered inside to see a comely young woman at a small writing table, candlelight dancing upon a wave of dark hair, fingertips stained with ink and soot. "You have been here", softly accused Himeros. They ordinarily would not be heard nor seen by mortals, but it seemed an interruption to speak loudly, lest it somehow disturb her concentration. Deceptively sweet-faced Eros smiled and continued to watch, yet his brother was curious about what the woman had penned. "She's writing about you," he said having peered over her shoulder. Eros nodded, "I know, mostly quite flattering". Moments later the young woman got up and went to a window, gazing out and not hiding the expression both gods recognised immediately as the combination of lust and longing. Curiosity piqued, they moved to see where she was watching. In a similar window, but elevated slightly from a hill, another woman of similar age was slowly dressing for the evening, combing out her hair while stripped to the hips. Himeros smiled slightly and asked, "This was your work?" But as the woman behind them needed no coercion, Eros insisted "I have not done a thing!", then grinned and said, "However, I am about to" before readying his bow and flying off to the other window, his brother following quickly behind.

30ml. Samples are available in the oil format. This perfume cannot be shipped outside of the continental US.

Photo by Airam Dato-on from Pexels.