Farmland hills with distant mountains in Crete

Eau de Parfum: Khrysothemis

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Freshly harvested fields of wheat, barley, and chickpeas, a few ripe figs, early Autumn's warm air through the olive trees, and as a play on her name, just a touch of chrysanthemums' bitter floral scent.

   Crete is busiest in early autumn, fields of constant activity, the gentle hills green again after dry summer. Unbeknownst to the many farmers ploughing or families gathering olives from their groves, a goddess of the season often came down and walked among them. While her presence did grace the crops, Khrysothemis' purpose there that particular day is to be present at a festival held in her honour. After midday, feasts were being cooked communally, wine was brought to long tables, while several people had set aside ploughs and nets for flutes and lyres. Sometimes she suspected very young children could see her, much the way animals could. A donkey brayed and watched as she walked past and patted him, discreetly helping herself to a slice of barley bread laid out on a table. A girl no older than four winters approached just then, holding up a small basket of figs. Khrysothemis knew it was for her, as no one else was close by. The daughter of Demeter smiled gently down and graciously accepted a single fig while ensuring a bountiful season to this child's family.

30ml. Samples are available in the oil format. This perfume cannot be shipped outside of the continental US.

Photo by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay.