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Eau de Parfum: Dionysos Theoinos

A splash of white cognac, a few drops of red wine, gold brandy, and a speck of vanilla, dry ginger, a tiny sprinkle of brown sugar, golden Somalian myrrh, and just a bit of cypriol, and a drop of silver fir (to represent his thyrsus). This will be quite wine-sweet initially but fade to a more rustic woodsy fragrance as the top notes fade.

   On the day Dionysos learned of Seilenos' capture by Midas, he was both annoyed and amused, for his friend and teacher had far more cunning than to be taken in my a mortal. The wine, of course. It had to be wine! This king of Phrygia was someone the amused god would like to meet. He must anyway, to negotiate the old Satyr's release. Detouring from their present route, as Seilenos already had, he and his band of travelers made their way up the rocky countryside. As it happened, Midas was already on his way to them with a small entourage and they met halfway. Including a smiling and unharmed Seilenos who spread his hands and shrugged upon seeing his Olympian companion, as if he had simply fallen down a hillside and into a spring filled with wine. Greatly appreciating that his friend had been treated well and not exploited, Dionysos asked to walk alone with the young king, who he had been admiring. Once obscured by trees, the god of wine and festivals gently reached for the mortal's hand. "Because you showed kindness to one I consider family, and because your outsmarting him amused me greatly, I shall grant you one thing you ask for." Midas, for all his intelligence and cunning, chose impulsively, a most unfortunate wish.

30ml. Samples are available in the oil format. This perfume cannot be shipped outside of the continental US.

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