Orb weaver spider in web shining in sunlight

Eau de Parfum: Arachne & Athena

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Creamy condensed milk, softly sweet and rich, swirled with a sizeable percentage of tobacco leaf absolute.   Sounds like a strange combination, but the tobacco adds a warm caramel-like woodsy aspect without additional sweetness. Autumn 2022.

   The visitor had simply annoyed Arachne, for what could this crone in tattered garments know of exquisite and unmatched weaving? Her skill was hers alone, and she was firm in denying no one, not even the goddesses, could do better. Furthermore, perhaps the worst claim, was that her skill had not been granted by divine beings. The quiet scoff of this stubborn, haughty child did not go unnoticed by the elderly woman, who ensured she again had the girl's attention before dismissing her disguise. In a glimmering white gown of impossibly fine weave, Athena stood there in this Lydian town in front of the boastful girl, and demanded the challenge which would ultimately lead to Arachne's fate.

30ml. Samples are available in the oil format. This perfume cannot be shipped outside of the continental US.

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