Tree lined coast on Crete

Eau de Parfum: Apollon Enamored

Tonka bean, bergamot, cypress (of course), late season yellow jasmine, crushed grape leaves, woody oud, and a touch of bitter amyris. 

   Often growing weary of the petty tasks he was begged for ("Make my wife sleep until dawn so I may court a lover", "Let the stepdame sleep so I may sneak away"), Hypnos was somewhat pleased when Apollon approached him in the dark one day and asked for a small favour. From Olympos, he pointed down to the island Keos. "You see this gentle beardless prince, the beautiful one there with the gleaming stag? I wish to know him..." his voice trailed off, uncharacteristically abashed. The god of sleep was listening patiently, but put up a hand here. "I cannot influence loves, and it has happened where the sleeper is angry upon being deceived." Apollon went on, nodding. "Yes but you see, this young man, of the name Kyparissos, I have walked with him as human, but his beauty and demeanour undoes my strength to speak, and also he is never alone. I will do no cruelty." At this Hypnos hid a smile, knowing the god of many arts was in love. Yet again. Such a curious matter when a mortal could effortlessly weaken one such as they. "He will sleep by the stream there and", Hypnos said, twirling a poppy, "You may speak to him while he is in rest. The requiting of this infatuation is up to you. Or Eros, wherever he may be." Apollon departed for the island and came upon a group of Nymphs near Karthai, where they brushed and adorned the great stag. He asked where to find Kyparissos, and upon walking toward the narrow stream, the stag followed, much like a dog or donkey may. Suddenly a rush of motion as a young man burst into the meadow and wrapped his arms around the great animal with the gilded antlers, showing no caution but abundant affection, and ignoring all else around.

30ml. Samples are available in the oil format. This perfume cannot be shipped outside of the continental US.

Photo by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay



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