Orca breaching

Perfume Oil: Orca Splash

Salty, icy sea spray, hitting the forest at the water's edge like mist, enveloping you in the scents of a Pacific inlet, with old growth hemlocks, Sitka spruce, and cedar trees all towering above. Very heavy on the natural wood oils, and these may dominate. Winter 2021. We do not use mint or camphorous notes to represent cold or cold air in any of our fragrances. 

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Roll-on bottles are available in 1.5ml, 5ml (0.169 fl oz / 1.35 dram), and 10ml  (0.338 fl oz / 2.70 dram).

Photo by Adam Ernster from Pexels



Only for 5ml & 10ml bottles, samples are roller insert.

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