Spotted skunk on a white background

Perfume Oil: Spotted Skunk

Gooey, sweet vegan marshmallows as they are just beginning to melt under low heat.   Winter 2021
We have received several requests for a marshmallow similar to The Marshmallow Prince but without resins and pepper. This is pure marshmallow, sweeter and slightly warmer. Please note: it is not the same marshmallow as in any other of our perfumes; this is much more rich and sweet. So why is it named Spotted Skunk? Because they're cute! (and won't spray unless you upset them. Don't upset them)

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Roll-on bottles are available in 1.5ml, 5ml (0.169 fl oz / 1.35 dram), and 10ml  (0.338 fl oz / 2.70 dram).

Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash



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