Glasses of pandan tea

Perfume Oil: Mirthful Indulgence

Pandan milk tea! Fresh pandan leaves crushed and steeped with just a tiny bit of ceylon, topped with sweet cream and sugar. Sweet, but still very "green".  Note: This perfume contains a high percentage of natural pandan, but not the same which we extracted in our studio for the old perfume Pandan Frosting. This is stronger and with a more stable lifespan. Released 4/4/2022. Also available in spray form.

Please see the  Perfume category page for information about our blends and resting recommendations.

Roll-on bottles are available in 1.5ml, 5ml (0.169 fl oz / 1.35 dram), and 10ml  (0.338 fl oz / 2.70 dram).

Photo by An Nguyen on Unsplash



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