Eau de Parfum Sprays

New April 2022

*** These perfume sprays CANNOT be shipped internationally. US continental addresses only please. No island/overseas US territories or military bases, as they must be sent via ground transportation by law. ***

Each bottle contains 30ml / 1 fl ounce of alcohol-based perfume, with a percentage of at least 15% perfume ingredient concentrate, often considerably higher depending on fragrance. Heavy rectangular glass bottles have black aluminum atomizers and caps. The perfumes are exactly the same as the oil versions (minus the isopropyl myristate), the only difference being perfumer's alcohol added. We highly recommend trying samples first.

Due to the mailing requirements, our usual $3.50 maximum domestic postage does not apply. We will make every effort to keep shipping costs at a minimum, and will refund excess if the cart charges more than our actual cost. Free shipping over $50 does not apply to this product.

More fragrances will be added over time. If you would like to see an existing fragrance available as Eau De Parfum, we may be able to include it.