Perfume Oil: Mesocyclone

A very large area of rotation within a convective storm, from which a tornado may be formed. A local tornado warning is often issued once a mesocyclone signature is detected on radar.

Thick-feeling humid air, and scents of harvested fields mixing with rain.  
The most "perfumey" of this collection, not supposed to be a realistic interpretation of an atmospheric condition.

By request, most of the actual note components: Our own proprietary petrichor and cold air blends along with ho wood, bergamot, tonka, tomato leaf, oud, thyme, rose geranium.

Please see the  Perfume category page for information about our blends and resting recommendations.

Roll-on bottles are available in 1.5ml, 5ml (0.169 fl oz / 1.35 dram), and 10ml  (0.338 fl oz / 2.70 dram).

Photo by Tobias Hämmer from Pixabay



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