Exquisites: Anubis Loose Eye Shadow

Go by the swatch photo, as this shadow's true appearance is difficult to capture because of the transparent base. Vibrant, glowing pink shimmer turns peach, then gold, to lime green, all on a sheer peachy base. Swatch applied over regular primer, though if a sticky base is used, the shadow may appear more opaque. Also available pressed. New 9/16/2020.

Natural light may wash out the effect and colors; most indoor lighting is recommended for swatches and application photos, though LED light may reduce the effect. However, this swatch was taken in indirect late afternoon sunlight. Initial shimmer color, in this case pink and peach, is when the product is viewed straight on. As it is angled toward light, brought toward a lamp, or on the curve of eyelids, the colors dramatically change. It will not be easy to see all the variations while wearing.

Important information about the main colorants and pricing: These more intense colorants used in these shadows cost more than 10 times as much as our regular changing colorants. We do not use sifters; a full size jar is full. People with limited color vision will not be able to see all the shade variations.



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