Pressed: Exquisites: Nile At Sunset Eye Shadow

 On a vivid reddish-pink base, golden shimmer becomes green, then turquoise, to blue, then bright purple-pink. Swatch photos give a more accurate representation of this shadow than the product pictures, but it is still far more gleaming in person. May temporarily stain skin, and in the pan this shadow might appear to have a marbled appearance or small slightly darker spots which will not affect application color. Second swatch from the top, applied over regular primer and photographed in indirect natural light. Additional swatch is in more shaded natural light. Click images to enlarge. Also available loose. *Please note: this shade is not close to Prismatic Thunderstorm.*

 Initial color is when the product is viewed straight on. As it is brought up toward a lamp, or on the curve of eyelids, the colors dramatically change. It will not be easy to see all the variations while wearing. 

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