Date added: 02/27/2021 Current updates and important information...

6/26: Existing order fulfillment is always the priority, so production is done when time allows. Many products will be out of stock more frequently than usual, as since March there is only one person currently doing all labor at our facility in order to maintain safety and comply with local business restrictions. Plus several of our supplies had long delays in transit earlier in the spring or were otherwise delayed by manufacturers. Customer service is handled separately in our office as always, though response time may be delayed.

9/9: When our next cosmetics are released, the perfume bottle prices will be slightly increasing. It will be less than a $2 increase. Sample prices are not changing. 9/17: Braille bottle labels will soon be an option.

10/2: International shipping rates have been reduced.

12/6: List of current product discontinuations

12/15: While postal transit is of course far worse this season than ordinary years, we're working to ensure as many orders in the queue are shipped in time for possible domestic delivery by 12/24. The company owner never takes a day off, and our longest "processing" time is eight days right now due to the very high number of orders at our new release last week, but most are being shipped in 4-6 days. Tracking on your parcel may not properly update en-route, or at all until delivery. Other relevant notices are on the main page of this site under the time frame information.

12/18: If you received a shipment notice from us but your parcel is still not showing up on the tracking as being accepted yet, this is currently commonplace, as they are not scanning many parcels in. Once a shipping email is sent to you, the parcel was taken to the post office earlier that day and is no longer in our possession, but due to the massive backlog this year throughout USPS, transit may be greatly delayed and location scans skipped. We can see over 70 domestic parcels sent off in the past week have no had origin scans at all, and it looks like many will not be delivered until the last week of December. Most international transit seems to be somewhat smoother.

12/30: The wishlist feature is operational again.

1/2: Many products are sold out after our New Year sale, and will be reproduced & restocked as time allows; preparing and shipping all of those orders takes priority. You can choose the vertical list layout of any category page to easily view out of stock products.

1/15: Some parcels are still not being scanned at origin, or at all. 

1/31: Over 10 months of just one person handling the labor work of everyone means far less frequent productions runs and subsequent restocks. Regretfully, we cannot give estimates on when most products will be available again once temporarily sold out. We do not have "seasonal" limited releases; if a new product sells out fast, it will almost always be available again as soon as possible. We are in the midst of getting UK shipping available again, but that may take a while. Check back in a couple days for a small sale.

2/14: We have four new specialty shadows coming out within the next week  two weeks.

2/22: Many products have sold out yesterday and today and those will get restocked as soon as possible.

2/27: The unexpected amount of orders Sunday & Monday need to be fulfilled before the new products are released to prevent any slowdowns, since there is always a rush to buy our new releases (as always, they are not limited edition). Those should be up next week.