Date added: 01/05/2022 Current shipping information and updates...

Our new Instagram account is ShopFyrinnae, after the other was deactivated for no apparent reason.


12/9: We are shipping orders in 2-7 days, so it is still likely for orders placed by 12/13 to be received by 12/24 in the US. Normally that would be plenty of time, but with off and on mail delays this time of year, parcels may get stuck en-route. The queue time frame on the main page is always kept current, please refer to it before ordering.

1/5: Many parcels we have sent off in the past two weeks, far more than usual even with the busy season, have not had an origin or acceptance scan, and only show label creation then delivery, others display arriving in the local destination city first. On your USPS tracking page, click "Tracking History" to see more information when awaiting a parcel. As noted below, we do not mark an order as shipped before it has been sent.


Once you receive a shipment email from us, your order has already been sent that day, as we do not send advance shipping notices. However, the post office(s) may skip scans or have delayed transport. Many parcels are not scanned at all until near their destination. If you do not receive your parcel in a reasonable time, or the tracking has not updated (for US customers) within 5 days after shipment, please let us know. 

To those who use forwarding services: Please be aware when paying for a commercial third party international shipping service that they may unpack your order and repack your products, often without proper protection for transit. We do not recommend such services unless by a person you know or trust.

If your order is packed in green wrap, that is real cellophane which is biodegradable, as is the blue bubble wrap we use to protect palettes and individual pressed shadows.