Fyrinnae is not responsible for replacement of parcels where an incorrect delivery address was given by the customer and not corrected before shipment, or when mis-delivered by the carrier. When paying by PayPal, please ensure your shipping address on that account matches your shipping address here, or contact us after purchase. Insurance may be added here.

  •   Shipping cost for orders shipped within the US is $3.00 (First Class).       
  •   Shipping cost for orders to Canada is $8.30 for most parcels, or $12.00 for heavier ones.   
  •   Shipping cost for orders to all other worldwide destinations is $11.60 or $20.00 (only the heaviest parcels will reach $20, and we will cover the remainder of the actual cost. If the cart overcharges, we will refund the difference. Our actual cost to send a First Class International parcel overseas is from over $13.00 to over $22.00)

   We make every effort to maintain low postage rates for our clientèle, often lower than the actual cost. We never charge packaging or "handling" fees.

      Domestic shipping within the US is by First Class for most orders. Depending on size, domestic orders valued over $90 are usually sent via Priority Mail (the customer is not charged extra for this). International parcels are sent via First Class International Parcel, which includes tracking to most countries.

    Any and all customs/import fees are the responsibility of the customer. Contents will be marked as "Cosmetics" or "Cosmetic Samples" as applicable, and cannot be marked as "gift". If you cannot import cosmetic products into your country, please do not purchase, as we cannot falsify the forms to state different merchandise. Our shipping rates are subject to change, but will be noted on this page.  
Transit time info:

  This is just a general guideline, since we have no control over the length of time it takes a parcel to arrive once shipped. Since we happen to be located close to a major international airport, most parcels arrive to their destinations quickly. Within the US, First Class usually arrives in 2-5 days. Sometimes the parcels do not get out of the local sorting facility for a day or two.

    Canadian orders may take about two weeks to arrive, sometimes longer. The rest of the world varies greatly, but in or near major cities in Europe and east Asia, transit time is usually 10 to 16 days. It can, however, take a few weeks; 5-6 weeks in transit is possible, usually when a parcel is stuck in customs. Many parcels we send to Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand arrive in about a week.   
   Regretfully, due to import restrictions, US mail limitations, or previous difficulties, we cannot ship to Syria, Cuba, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Sudan, or Philippines. We can mail parcels to Pakistan, but are unable to accept payments from a card registered there; the transaction will automatically fail. It is up to the customer to check the cosmetic import regulations and duties in their country prior to buying.

   Rates are subject to change without notice.

   For your privacy: Domestic parcels do not have any mention of cosmetics on the exterior. International parcels have it only on the customs form, as required.

*Please note: Returned or lost parcels due to incorrect or incomplete address information provided by the customer, or refused shipments, are not able to be re-sent. Especially with international shipments, by the time they have been returned to us, the contents are usually damaged and the products are a loss, and we cannot recover postage fees. Please double check your mailing address prior to checking out, and email us a correction promptly if needed. Consult local import regulations and fees to determine how much duty you may be charged if not in the US.