Date added: 10/29/2019 Product discontinuations and other updates...

We made the decision to cut our popular Whipped lipcolour line based on the main ingredient. Long lasting matte finish liquid lipsticks almost always contain isododecane, a hydrocarbon, which is what makes them matte and greatly increases wear time. Our Whipped line contains a large amount of that hydrocarbon, a byproduct of petroleum. Some other hydrocarbons are synthetics, from plastic production, but isododecane is created from a fossil fuel derivative, and we would prefer to remove this particular ingredient from our cosmetics. Isododecane was already phased out of our eye shadows (it was included in a minute amount to thin the synthetic oils we use, and removal does not affect the product). This ingredient is also a large percentage of our Mixing Potion as well, which we are also discontinuing, but have a considerable amount in stock. Once it's sold out, it will no longer be produced. 

There are only few remaining of the Magic Whipped Metallics and Whipped Matte & Metallic lipcolours, and no more will be produced. At this time we are also phasing out use of the iridescent cello wrap in favour of actual tinted cellophane which is biodegradable. It's not as pretty, but we'd prefer to use fewer disposable plastics when possible.