Perfume Oil: His Lordship Wishes To See You

'Awakened by these words, softly spoken, I glanced at the sleeping form next to me in the dim pre-dawn light. Last night's chaos still fresh on my mind. Reaching for clothes which had been tossed carelessly on the floor, I remembered to set aside the knives; Though I had before, perhaps on this day it just wouldn't do to have tea with the ruler of this land, the father of my new bedmate, while fully armed.'

An air of slightly smoky imported black tea with chamomile mixes with the slightly damp woodsy scent of a cool morning in the old manor.

*About this particular fragrance: Excerpts or descriptions above the scent notes are directly from the company owner's fantasy genre novels or modified story settings.*

Perfume blend including essential oils, and may also contain absolutes and/or other aroma chemicals.
The ingredients in our fragrances are of different viscosities, colors, and miscibility. Therefore, some may require a slight shake before use to mix any ingredients which may have settled or separated. It is normal to see such separation, and some natural ingredients will contain visible particles or tiny "clumps" which don't dissolve. Many perfume oils may get adversely affected by changes in temperature and/or pressure during transit, and may perform best after they have sat at room temperature for at least a day. 
Roll-on bottles are 7ml (0.236 fl oz / 1.89 dram). Sample bottles with screw-on caps contain about 1.4ml


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