Perfume Oil: Tubby Tabby

Our own natural yet vegan "honey" (a proprietary blend containing a high percentage of Benzoin resin), a drop of honeybush* tea, with a sprinkle of cardamom swirled throughout. Sweet and warm without being cloying. (a color pattern, not breed, tabbies can be found in numerous breeds and mixes) October 2017
*Our in-house tincture of honeybush, which may contain very small dark particles.
Perfume blend including essential oils, absolutes and/or other aroma chemicals. Please read the Perfume category page for more details about our blends.
The ingredients in our fragrances are of different viscosities, colors, and miscibility. Therefore, some may require a slight shake before use to mix any ingredients which may have settled or separated. It is normal to see such separation, and some natural ingredients will contain visible particles or tiny "clumps" which don't dissolve. Many perfume oils may get adversely affected by changes in temperature and/or pressure during transit, and perform best after they have sat at room temperature for at least a day. 
Roll-on bottles are 7ml (0.236 fl oz / 1.89 dram). Sample bottles with screw-on caps contain about 1.4ml


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