Perfume Oil: Playing In Shadows

'It wasn't exactly a steep incline, but the town was already at a high elevation and the sky was nearly fully dark by then. I turned to glance back at the city, always appreciating the way firelight looks from above, when a flash of movement caught my eye. A large shape, an agile animal from the way it moved ahead, darted from behind a boulder and onto another. A long spotted tail was visible for a moment before the creature disappeared into the shadows again.'

Smoke from oil lamps mingles with autumn air, fallen oak leaves, and mountain soil. There's also the presence of magic in its wake, like the memory of sweet incense. The smoke in this is light, and not like burning wood.

*About this particular fragrance: Excerpts or descriptions above the scent notes are directly from the company owner's fantasy genre novels or modified story settings.*

Perfume blend including essential oils, and may also contain absolutes and/or other aroma chemicals. The carrier oil base varies from 100% Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides to a blend of that and Isopropyl Myristate, and in some blends a small amount of avocado oil is used (percentage of carriers varies by fragrance). Please read the Perfume category page for more details about our blends.
The ingredients in our fragrances are of different viscosities, colors, and miscibility. Therefore, some may require a slight shake before use to mix any ingredients which may have settled or separated. It is normal to see such separation, and some natural ingredients will contain visible particles or tiny "clumps" which don't dissolve. Many perfume oils may get adversely affected by changes in temperature and/or pressure during transit, and may perform best after they have sat at room temperature for at least a day. 
Roll-on bottles are 7ml (0.236 fl oz / 1.89 dram). Sample bottles with screw-on caps contain about 1.4ml


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