Arcane Magic:

Exquisites: Deceptive Sidhe



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The photos don't even come close to how this shade truly looks, despite various camera settings, different cameras, begging, cursing, and finally giving up. The swatches are closer, but still not quite. This shade starts out a brilliant gold to greenish gold, then becomes turquoise to blue when angled or brought to light. It has a transparent warm brown background, but not nearly as apparent as these photos make it seem.  Halloween 2015 (Sidhe is pronounced "Shee")

Left swatch, applied over regular primer. First swatch picture is near a daylight LED bulb, the second angled toward it. The third swatch picture is in diffused natural light, the fourth angled toward it.
Note: As with all our Arcanes/Exquisites, you won't be able to see the color change as dramatically while wearing because your eyes are moving with the rest of your face of course. Initial color noted is from about an arm's length away, then as it appears closer to, or angled toward, an indoor light source. Sunlight can wash out the colors and effect.