Exquisites: Stained Glass Loose Eye Shadow

Also available as pressed! Photos do not capture the true range of colors and depth properly; this will look prettier on application in person.  Vivid deep emerald green turns teal then blue, then purple, then bright pink, then orange. Metallic finish, no sparkle. Also available pressed! This shade is the middle swatch. Not lip-safe. Swatches show the shade variations best; it isn't quite as apparent in the product itself. These are our most striking shadows! Product photos were taken under indoor daylight bulbs, the first swatch picture was taken under cool halogen lighting, and the last two sets of swatch pictures were taken under regular incandescent lights. Natural light will usually wash out the effect and colors; indoor lighting is recommended for swatches and application photos. Initial color, in this case emerald, is when the product is viewed straight on, and not in close proximity to bright light. As it is angled, or on the curve of eyelids, the colors dramatically change. Due to the specialized ingredient content, these will not perform well over bare skin. A sticky base is not needed under shades lacking sparkle.

Important information about the main colorants and pricing: These more intense colorants used in these shadows cost more than 10 times as much as our regular changing colorants, and most available are generally not eye-safe (but are used in in nail polish and enamel paint). There are a few manufacturers who produce these as cosmetic grade, but the end product still has to have a percentage limit, so the loose eye shadows may appear slightly muted or dark in the jar. We do not use sifters; a full size jar is full. People with limited color vision will not be able to see all the shade variations.



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