Exquisites: Princess For A Day

Exquisites: Princess For A Day

Turquoise-blue sparkle tops a sheer burgundy hue for a striking effect. Closer to light or at certain angles, it turns vivid pink. Very sparkly finish. Swatch photos below show the colors best, and a sticky base is highly recommended.   Tip: Try blending Princess For A Day with Fantasy Creatures. They both shift to vivid pink sparkle, but away from light or directly, create a gorgeous mix of green and blue sparkle.

These new "Arcane Magic" shadows have stronger color shifts without depending on an opaque base hue, making them stunning alone or over many other colors. Most can also be easily mixed with or applied over lip gloss.

Away from light source.

Closer to light and angled. Swatches applied over dilluted Pixie Epoxy. Princess For A Day is on the far left. Click here for an angled white background product image showing the hue shift.



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