Exquisites: Flawless Loose Eye Shadow

Also available as pressed! Bright moss green turns Kelly then turquoise to a dusky sapphire blue, almost blue-violet. It's is also filled with a rainbow of sparkle much like our rainbow-sparkle regular shades, making it quite a unique eye shadow. Not lip-safe! Swatch brushed across diluted Pixie Epoxy to keep sparkle in place. Natural light will usually wash out the effect and colors; indoor lighting is recommended for swatches and application photos. Initial color, in this case warm green, is when the product is viewed straight on or at a distance, and not in close proximity to bright light. As it is angled, brought toward a lamp, or on the curve of eyelids, the colors dramatically change.

Important information about the main colorants and pricing: These more intense colorants used in these shadows cost more than 10 times as much as our regular changing colorants, and most available are generally not eye-safe (but are used in in nail polish and enamel paint). There are a few manufacturers who produce these as cosmetic grade, but the end product still has to have a percentage limit, so the loose eye shadows may appear slightly muted or dark in the jar. We do not use sifters; a full size jar is full. People with limited color vision may not be able to see all the shade variations.



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