Exquisites: Ethereal Starlight Loose Eye Shadow

Brilliant pink sparkle becomes chartreuse, then green, to teal, set on a transparent blue background. This extremely sparkly shadow will require a sticky base! Fingertip application is recommended. These are not free-flowing powders; see the category page for ingredients. 

Swatches applied over thin diluted Pixie Epoxy. If less shadow is applied it will be accent sparkles instead of a metallic finish. Photos taken in indirect sunlight at varied angles; The first swatch was taken in the same place as the product photos, the second was in direct sunlight. Not lip-safe. The large-particle sparkle in this is not gritty or abrasive; it's made primarily of very thin silica, aluminum, and synthetic fluorphlogopite, which flakes apart and doesn't scratch like glitter can. As it is angled, or on the curve of eyelids, the colors dramatically change. Due to the specialized ingredient content, these will not perform well over bare skin. 

Important information about the main colorants and pricing: These more intense colorants used in these shadows cost more than 10 times as much as our regular changing colorants, and most available in past years are generally not eye-safe (but are used in in nail polish and enamel paint). There are a few manufacturers who produce these as cosmetic grade, but the end product still has to have a percentage limit, so the loose eye shadows may appear slightly muted or dark in the jar. We do not use sifters; a full size jar is full. People with limited color vision will not be able to see all the shade variations.



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