Arcane Magic: Hellhound

Another Mephisto? Better! A similar royal blue base (this shadow is not purple) is topped with a metallic and slightly shimmery cool red, which changes to yellow-gold to nearly green at an angle or closer to light. Unlike Mephisto, this shade can benefit from a slightly sticky base (we recommend diluted Pixie Epoxy), but still performs well over regular primer. We recommend patting on or using short brush strokes.  Autumn/Halloween 2017.

Swatch, bottom, applied over diluted Pixie Epoxy. Not lip-safe.

Note: As with all our Arcanes/Exquisites, you won't be able to see the color change as dramatically while wearing because your eyes are moving with the rest of your face. Initial color noted is from about an arm's length away, then as it appears closer to an indoor light source, or viewed at an angle. Sunlight can wash out the colors and effect, and various bulb types will make a difference.



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