Date added: 03/21/2020 Current update regarding stock and production ...

  You might see fewer products in stock now and through the coming weeks. Many container, ingredient, label, and shipping material suppliers in the US and beyond are closed and unable to process and send out orders, or are out of stock due to manufacturer freight delays. This is affecting countless small companies, and while most of us have various supplies on-hand, some necessary supplies used frequently are close to running out or have already. There are many situations businesses can plan for and anticipate the possibility of, but entire states and industries shutting down wasn't really one of them.

  As far as our production studio, we maintain the same safety and cleanliness procedures as before, with the addition of not allowing anyone into the building at all, just immediate employees. Only two people here handle cosmetic production, and no one is allowed to be here if they are ill which has been a company rule from the very beginning. Gloves and masks or respirators are always used as needed (e.g., measuring powders or filling tubes, but not when labeling parcels), and unfortunately, we do not have large quantities remaining or unopened boxes, as those would have been donated to medical centers. You can continue to purchase products from indie cosmetics, perfume, and soap/skincare companies without concern of virus transmission. While it can survive for hours to days on some surfaces, there is no current evidence to suggest COVID-19 is transmittable via food, personal care products, or containers sent via mail or other parcel service. However, it is ideal to use caution when handling all deliveries and follow your local government advisories.


Update, 3/26: Our state's governor ordered all non-essential businesses to close, though this is not a business open to public anyway, so from today on there will be only one person, the company owner (who will have no human contact through all of April at least) handling all production, filling, and order packing. The office is in another location, and most of that side of work will be done there as usual by an employee, or remotely as needed. We don't anticipate slowdowns, but there will be increasing stock shortages of some products in the coming days or weeks.